Our partnership vision

Our Partners products and services are an essential ingredient to delivering successful solutions. At Cloudkinesys, we believe that establishing a solid partnership ecosystem is vital to providing outstanding value to our customers. It is our goal to create best-of-breed, highly flexible and supportable cloud infrastructures and solutions for our clients.

Cloud Infrastructure Automation

HashiCorp is a company based in San Francisco that solves development, operations, and security challenges in infrastructure so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks. Cloudkinesys is a HashiCorp Systems Integration, our development and systems integration teams have extensive experience using the HashiCorp suite of tools to solve complex problems, to automate cloud infrastructure build-outs, and to platform management.

Cloud Environment Validation

Highly demanding applications require that your cloud platform provides a stable environment in order to meet your SLAs.  This problem is easy to state but very difficult to solve.It is not just the question of how one application works but more of a puzzle of how the cloud ecosystem handles applications today and tomorrow as the underlying environment churns and progresses.

Cloudkinesys believes that the solutions from VoerEir – The Touchstone Suite provides the best solution for end to end validation. Touchstone has developed an extensive test library for cloud platform performance.  The highly flexible framework allows for the the ease of creation and modification of test cases.  This allows you to quickly certify the cloud environment is meeting your application needs.

Software Development

Cloudkinesys partnered with DEK Technologies because of their broad and complementary portfolio of agile development services, global footprint and reputation for quality.

DEK Technologies provide product software and hardware development services, from initial design concept through to implementation, verification, delivery and field support. DEK Technologies team has extensive experience in a range of applications, including software and embedded systems, real-time solutions, hardware design, telecoms and data communications. 

The partnership with DEK Technologies enables Cloudkinesys to provide cost effective cloud based SW development and systems engineering resources to start ups that are developing MVPs, all the way through and including large enterprises developing and maintaining end-to-end solutions.