What’s in a name? And what we believe.

At Cloudkinesys we believe that you can Expect More from Your Cloud.

We believe that your cloud should be flexible, allow for seamless application migration and scaling, and should be architected in a way to avoid cloud infrastructure lock-in. We will help you reach your expectations.

Moving an application to the cloud is a complex process. Migrating multiple applications to multiple clouds is significantly harder, however with proper planning, the right tools, and an agnostic cloud architecture, multi-cloud migrations can be managed successfully.

But the migration is just part of the solution, once the applications are on the cloud, it is essential to know that the applications and the cloud are working correctly, and that the performance can be validated. Proper validation of the cloud environment, effective orchestration, configuration management and optimization ensures that you will achieve all of the benefits that you desired when you set out to migrate to the cloud.

A bit more.

Cloudkinesys is a cloud native software development and services company. We are located in the high growth North Atlanta 400 corridor. Our team has an extensive background in the media, datacenter, and telecommunications industries. Additionally, we have broad skillsets in the infrastructure management, cloud administration and support, agile development, and devops practices and tools.