Advice and Consulting

Reach out and ask us a question, and we will try to answer it. We are also eager to dig into short term remote or onsite consulting engagements, we will give you our best advice and get you pointed in the right direction.

Alleviate Cloud Complexity

Cloud ecosystems integrated during the last several years are generally quite complex, especially when a number of different clouds, technologies and applications have been deployed within a customer environment. In order to support these complex environments, highly trained, Cloudkinesys Integration Engineers can engage immediately, come up to speed on your environment quickly and alleviate operational, performance and cost concerns.

Cloudkinesys Engineers can migrate applications, develop cloud customizations, operate, support and maintain highly complex cloud environments. Areas of expertise include multivendor public and private cloud environments, cloud micro services, and platform orchestration. Experience with AWS, Azure, GCP, Openstack & VMware.

Cloud Integration Planning

Cloudkinesys strives to make the cloud seamless, automated and cost efficient as possible. Cloud planning and architecture services ensure that the cloud applications are managed correctly and orchestrated to ensure the maximum level of cloud platform flexibility and platform performance while minimizing overall cloud hosting and licensing costs.