Cumming, GA. (March 29, 2019)– Cloudkinesys, a cloud native software development and devops consulting company located in Atlanta, GA, is dedicated to exceeding its customers’ expectations in assisting the migration of business systems and applications to the cloud.

One of Cloudkinesys customers, a multi-billion dollar communications company, was using proprietary, home-grown software to deploy infrastructure service on a public cloud.

However, when the company realized it was spending too much money on the public cloud and decided to move to a private one, it unfortunately discovered the software wasn’t compatible. The original developer of the software had struggled for nine months to migrate to the private cloud to no avail. That’s when the company decided experts were needed, and contacted Cloudkinesys.  Within two weeks, Cloudkinesys had a prototype up and working.

Cloudkinesys used Terraform (by Hashicorp) as the infrastructure service to replace the existing custom code (Terraform is a flexible tool used to build and change infrastructure efficiently and safely, for both home-grown solutions and commercially available applications.) By using Terraform, it makes the migration process to other platforms easy.

“We were really excited about the outcome of this project,” says Andy Leach, Senior Systems Engineer, Cloudkinesys. “Within three months we had completed the move from the public cloud to private, and saving the company around $6 million per year. This was a huge success for our team. We also are continuing to work with the company as their cloud needs grow.”

The Terraform tool has evolved since then, and is now able to be used with Google Cloud and AWS, among others.

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