Cumming, GA. (Feb. 17, 2019)– Cloudkinesys, a cloud native software development and services company located in Atlanta, GA, is dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations in assisting them in moving their business systems and applications to the cloud.

However, we’re not limited to standard, out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all solutions. Our clients come to us with a whole host of situations that need answers, knowing that we’ll do our best to find the best, economically-friendly solution.

Green Power EMC, Georgia’s first renewable energy program, recently had a situation and turned to Cloudkinesys experts for help. Green Power EMC is a nonprofit corporation that provides electricity through its 38 member EMCs (Electric Membership Corporations), and uses green resources such as low-impact hydroelectric plants, biomass, landfill gas, and solar power to generate electricity. The EMC’s renewable energy projects totaled nearly 280 megawatts (MW) of capacity in 2017, enough energy to help power more than 55,000 homes in Georgia each year.

Green Power EMC had an undesirable situation: Exercising of the batteries on the solar microgrid installed in Lyons Ga required an on-site visit in order to manually throw a power transfer switch to swap the source power from the grid to the batteries.  Once the testing was completed the switch was replaced back to its original configuration.  The site is approximately a three-hour drive (six-hour round trip) from their HQ. At least once a month, management would need to make this drive to exercise the batteries.

Green Power EMC needed an HMI (human to machine interface) to remotely control the transfer switch, thereby saving a significant amount of time and the cost for travel. After meeting with the client to understand exactly the parameters of the problem, the Cloudkinesys team came up with a unique and clever solution: using custom hardware and a secured internet connection the team created an HMI that controls the power transfer switch source power thus allowing Green Power EMC to exercise the batteries remotely. This remote platform ensures that the microgrid is tested as desired, enables the micro-grid to support pre-sales engagements, and minimize travel time, emissions and costs.

 “When our customer (Green Power EMC) let us know the situation they were having, we were thrilled that the CloudKinesys team came up with such a great solution,” says Jaime Porges, CEO of Radiance Solar. “The time savings alone has been absolutely invaluable: seamless, easy to use and very effective – just what they needed!”

Congrats goes out to the entire Cloudkinesys team!

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