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Cloudkinesys: One Year Anniversary

Cumming, GA. (Oct. 22)– We are thrilled to announce the one year anniversary/birthday of Cloudkinesys, the answer to all of your cloud questions.

Created by CEO Michael Zeitlin, Cloudkinesys and the expert team of engineers have a combined experience of over 100 years in the technology industry. Knowing that many companies – from start-ups to large, established businesses, have a need to augment their environments for cloud and continuous integration efforts, but do not have the necessary experience needed.

Whether your desire is Public/Private/Hybrid cloud, containerization, or continuous integration, Cloudkinesys offers a full range of services that will help you assess your application infrastructure needs, determine the appropriate solution, set up the infrastructure and migrate the application.

 “It’s been an amazing first year for Cloudkinesys,” says Michael Zeitlin. “We knew there was a need in the market for companies moving to the cloud but didn’t quite realize how much education our clients need before we even start the migration. It can be overwhelming for business owners and IT organizations to know what questions to ask and figure out what they need. We help our clients understand the process to determine the best course of action and solutions and help them get there.”

Once migrated to the cloud, the Cloudkinesys team provides continued support to ensure everything works correctly, including validation of the cloud environment, effective orchestration, configuration management and performance and cost optimization. All these factors are designed to work together seamlessly to not only meet but exceed the customer expectations.

Congrats to the Cloudkinesys team for an excellent first year!

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 About Cloudkinesys

Cloudkinesys, a cloud native software development and services company is located in Atlanta, GA. Our team is proud to have an extensive background in the media, datacenter and telecommunications industries. Additionally, we have broad skillsets in the infrastructure management, cloud administration and support, agile development, and practices and tools.


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