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Atlanta-Based Cloudkinesys Inaugural Attendance at NAB 2018

Cumming, GA. (April 9)– Cloud Migration and Agile Software Development start up Cloudkinesys Corporation has officially launched its Cloud Media Services Solution, designed to help OEMs develop, integrate and support their applications.

The Cloud Media Services Solution contains two unique components:

  • Prototyping and Core Application Development
    The Cloud Media Services Solution offers cost-effective managed agile development for a globally blended workforce, all while using best practices for security, automation and cloudification.
  • Systems Integration & Customer Support
    Our U.S.-based footprint of systems integrators, customer support engineers and sales engineering teams offer years of experience in a broad range of skills. Their experience and superior attention to detail is what ensures your project will be done quickly, on time and within budget.

With over 50 years in application development, integration and support of media applications, our Cloudkinesys architects have more than enough experience to take a cloud centric vendor-agnostic approach to cloud development. The ultimate goal of our architects is this: helping start-ups up to large enterprise customers develop their media applications using best of breed SW tools and technologies to meet their specific, individual needs.

For companies that have a need to rapidly (and cost-effectively) develop their media applications while still ensuring a smooth scale of infrastructure, the Cloudkinesys’ team can offer just that and more.

Michael Zeitlin, CEO of Cloudkinesys explains:  ”Our experience in developing end-to-end systems in the media space is unmatched in the industry. For the cloud, we have been developing and operating software using best of breed tools for automation, IaaS and containerization. We firmly believe that a natural synergy between these two sets of expertise makes us uniquely qualified to assist Media OEMs prototype and develop effective solutions.”

In today’s climate, Media companies work hard enough to establish customer demand and attempt to compete globally. Adding in the extra stress of concentrating on building out support and integration capacity in North America that will only be used on an on demand basis takes away the focus where it’s needed – on the customers. Cloudkinesys can integrate and support your applications while allowing your experts to enhance customer relationships, thereby setting in place the foundation to help you grow your business.

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About Cloudkinesys

Cloudkinesys, a cloud native software development and services company is located in Atlanta, GA. Our team is proud to have an extensive background in the media, datacenter and telecommunications industries. Additionally, we have broad skillsets in the infrastructure management, cloud administration and support, agile development, and practices and tools.


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